Russiagate: Is Trump Putin’s Puppet?

MSNBC’s resident purveyor of articulately curated bullcrap firmly believes it, do you?

Recently, in performing her nightly  schtick of decrying the Trump administration as illegitimate and evil, Rachel Maddow lays out her argument as to why Trump is firmly in the pocket of one Vladimir Putin.

Take a minute to watch, it’s worth your time.

Not because it’s factual in any way, just to have a clear picture of her argument.

Maddow laws out her claims without much regard to actual facts, which is unfortunate, because as a journalist on a mainstream media outlet, you’d expect a modicum of professionalism and honesty. Within the first minute of her spiel, however, she launches accusations of money laundering and insinuates Trump is engaging in transactions akin to the mob or Italian mafia.

No, seriously.

It’s an hour long, I don’t expect people to sit through watching the entirety of the thing, which is why I did for you.

In short, her argument boils down to this:

  • Russian Oligarchs shuffled around money for tax sheltering purposes.
  • They used a German Bank that was summarily slammed with a huge fine.
  • Trump bought a house from one of the Oligarchs involved for a below-market price, and then re-sold the property two years later for triple the value.
  • Therefore, Trump helped launder money.

Unfortunately, Maddow glosses over the fact that her arguments are little more than frivolous accusations for the purpose of slandering a politician she has clear bias against. To summarize the shortcomings of her charges, here’s the breakdown of how Trump fits into this picture.

  • Trump took advantage of a billionaire Russian businessman’s messy divorce to capitalize of a sweet Realestate deal. Trump purchased a cheap house and flipped it for triple the price to a buddy of Putin who wanted to purchase it. You can certainly argue that Trump took advantage of the poor guy going through a divorce to make an insane profit, but that’s not exactly criminal collusion, it’s just good business.
  • She fails to note that Deutsche Bank was forced to audit Trump’s dealings due to the Justice Department’s investigation of the Russian money laundering scheme, and found that Trump had absolutely no connection to any of it.
  • The Guardian quoted Rep. Bill Pascrell Jr., a Democrat member of the House Ways and Means Committee, as saying:

“I think it’s important for the American people to know the extent of the bank’s involvement with the president, and whether there is any Russian involvement in loans made to Mr. Trump.”

  • This means that they actually launched a focused investigation with the intent to see if Trump had actually played any part in this. Fortunately for 45, the results were pretty clear:

“In Deutsche’s recent settlement with the NY DFS and U.K. regulators, there was no suggestion of any link between the so-called Russian “mirror trades” and the president or his family.”

What does this mean? Well, in short, it means that Maddow is full of more elaborately laced crap than a porta-potty at a concert festival.

What’s the issue then? This is clearly a case of hyperbolic drivel, right?

Well, yes, but the problem is that people actually are biting on this and believing it. Remember back when the Left was incensed about the “birther” claims? The arguments set forth to battle the birther claims rested in the fact that there was no evidence, and that it was all baseless speculation to attack the President with baseless charges to invalidate his presidency. This sounds alarmingly similar, no? Where’s the righteous indignation from CNN about the current narrative surrounding the Trump administration, full of accusations that are similarly inflammatory and baseless?

I think we all know that we won’t see a defense of Trump here, at least not from the majority of the media. When this scandal blows over and it’s proven Trump has no Russian ties, you won’t find any redactions or apologies, especially from the Maddow camp. It’ll be on to the next scandal, with fresh ammunition and no remorse for false reporting.

Besides, according the the beloved 44, Russia isn’t a threat anyways. Why do they care?

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